About Fab-U-Lus!

Who – Mary and Dee, interior designer and master furrier

Why – This enterprise started with a gripe secession about all the electronic waste we were seeing and worked it’s way around to our own back rooms with all the discards that we both had stored. We were at a crossroads. Either do something with all the things we had stashed away because they were too wonderful to toss, become stars of a very strange hoarders episode, or add to the waste stream that we had just been complaining about.

What – We took stock of our piles (no small task, believe me) and decided to start with handbags. Since what we had to work with was odds and ends, each bag would be unique, most with their own patterns to take advantage of the materials. We made up a few and tested the market. They were well received and we jumped in. In case you are wondering, we took apart some top of the line bags to see what the innards were and how they were made and are using those types of materials and construction. I asked my friends to give me a list of what they would like to have inside and incorporated those features.

All the fashion magazines started showing interesting vests last year so that is second item that we decided to try. The vests will be interesting combinations of a variety of materials. They will be fun and playful or classy and elegant depending on the materials. Like the bags, they will be one of a kind.

To address the elephant in the room – yes we are using real fur from restyles. It is getting another useful life and when it is finally discarded will totally decompose. We are not buying new fur but re-purposing. FYI, faux fur has it’s price as well – the BP oil spill, fracking, and a plastic that will take hundreds of years to decompose, it ever.

Other things may be added over time. We may also invite creative friends with unique items to add pieces to our offerings.

Because we wanted to do more than keep things out of the waste stream, we’ve decided to donate a portion of the sale to either one of three animal groups (2 local and the Humane Society) or to Donors Choose a fund raising site for schoolteachers’ projects; your choice, either children or animals.

Everything is individually hand made in San Diego.