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Will you do special orders?

Yes, contact us with what you’d like and we will work with you to create a unique just-for-you purse or vest.

Do I have to supply the fur?

No, we have a wide variety of furs for you to chose from and combine. With 30 years of expertise, we can make suggestions and give you advice. Or, we can let our creativity flow. If you have a picture of things you like, that’s very helpful.

What happens if I don’t like the results?

We’ll work with you on modifications until you do. In the 30+ years of restyling and modifying garments, we have never, yes never, not made a customer happy.

It comes and doesn’t fit. Now what?

Send it back and we will alter it. Give us detailed instructions and pictures to illustrate the problem. Alterations will be at no charge, but you will be responsible for shipping.

Can you use a fur I have?

Maybe. We will have to see the fur and access it’s condition. We won’t work with fur that won’t give you years of use. You can send it to us for an assessment. If it isn’t in good condition and you want it returned, you will need to pay the return postage. If it isn’t enough to create the garment that you want, we can sell you the additional fur needed.

I’ve just bought one of your furs. How should I take care of it?

Store it in a cool dark place while you are using it, and then professionally store it in the off-season. Do not put it in plastic. Use a cloth bag. Do not dry clean. If something gets spilled on it shake it off and use a damp cloth on any thing that remains. Don’t wear it in the rain. Take it off when you drive. Sliding across the seat abrades the fur and can break it off.

What does restyling a fur mean?

Restyling can be slimming down a flared coat, removing the 80s shoulder pads and re-cutting the sleeves, shortening the coat, making a jacket or vest out of a coat or jacket, or altering it to fit better. Many of the changes result in leftover fur that we repurpose rather than throwing it away.

Have questions about an item, comments, suggestions about products you’d like to see, improvements or additions? We’d like to hear from you.

Email Us: designer@fab-u-lus.com

Mary Svec
San Diego, CA 92126